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        Five Reasons to make Approved Carpet Cleaning your Carpet Cleaner
  Any Competent, professional carpet cleaner can and will do a reasonable
  job of cleaning your carpets and upholstery. There are however, a number of 
  other factors to consider when choosing a carpet cleaning service, and 
  they are:

​      Are they experienced?
  You can relax with the assurance that we are experienced and 
  knowledgeable professionals. After more than 25 years in the business,
  we have already made all the mistakes. And we have learned what
  works and what doesn't.

​     Will they show up on time?
  We promise that we will show up at your door on time so that you
  can keep your other plans and appointments because you have 
  better things to do than wait for us. 
  Every once in a while an emergency arises, or something happens 
  that is beyond our control, that will delay us. In that case we let you 
  know immediately, so you can either re-schedule or at least go about
  your business without wondering, “When are they coming?”

​     Do they have extra charges for chemicals and waste removal?
  We will quote a complete and accurate price based on the
  information you give us. If your job is not what you told us or you reduce,
  or add to it, of course we will charge accordingly.
  Our policy is to give you great service and value at a fair price.

​     Will your carpet stay wet for days?
  There are two reasons that may happen. Either, too much water was used, 
  or the vacuum wasn't powerful enough. It is not enough to know what they 
  are doing, but the equipment needs to be in good working condition.
  If we clean your carpets in the morning, and you have unexpected company, 
  don’t worry, you can have a party tonight. They dry that fast. 

​     Will your carpets feel stiff, tacky and re-soil faster?
  This will happen if chemicals are left in the carpet. That means not enough water was         used and extracted. our powerful truck mounted cleaning unit uses hot water extraction,     commonly known as steam cleaning. the soil and chemical is flushed out, not just spread   around. Your carpet stays cleaner and softer longer.

                                    To experience stress-free, worry-free 
                                   carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning
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  We guarantee that, if you are not            satisfied,we will clean it again at                 NO additional cost to you
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