Common Carpet Cleaning Methods

  Dry Foam or Shampooing:
Shampoo is applied to carpet, swooshed around and into carpet fibres, allowed to dry and then vacuumed out. Leaves dirty, sticky  residue, which is one reason carpets may re-soil faster.
       Think shampooing your hair, apply shampoo, no rinse, dry and brush.

  Absorbent Pad: 
        or sometimes called bonnet cleaning. A large fabric pad is dipped into cleaning solution, placed on carpet under floor polisher and and agitated. This has the same effect as wiping your carpet with a detergent soaked towel, or wiping your hair with a soapy washcloth.

  Dry Carpet Cleaning: 
This method spreads absorbent particles, moistened with chemicals to absorb dirt, which is then vacuumed out. Again think of sprinkling soapy sawdust in your hair and brushing  it out.

  As you can see, these methods are not very effective.
  In fact, they may do more harm than good,as they leave residue in the carpet This      causes them to attract and hold more dirt and soil. Over time you can get 
  a real build up that feels icky and is not very sanitary.Very few carpet cleaners use these    methods, as most of the soil they remove could have been vacuumed out.

The most effective carpet cleaning method is;

  Hot Water Extraction, or Steam Cleaning:
        Hot water under high pressure is forced into the carpet and then, is
        extracted with high vacuum volume.It cleans best when done with 
        a truck-mounted unit. This is like lathering shampoo into your hair and
        then rinsing out the soil and shampoo.The only way to get it truly clean.   
        The smaller portable steam cleaners work the same way, except, the
        water is not as hot and the vacuum is not as powerful. This can leave too much               water and chemical in the carpet. 
  At Approved Carpet Cleaning, we pre-treat spots and stains, then apply
  cleaning agents to dissolve the soil, and then rinse it out. And yes, we use a truck-mounted   unit.      
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